Dear all,

it is with great joy that I can inform you that we made it.

Thanks to your many many contributions, smaller and bigger ones – but all equally important – we were recently able to finalize our fundraising for Mustafa Ait Idir’s Copy Shop. When we embarked on this journey many had doubts whether the project was not too ambitious, not too different, too controversial. And while it took some time (207 days to be precise) I believe this project is a great testimony of how many private individuals – with call it solidarity, sense of justice, compassion – can contribute to right some of the wrongs in this world. Where international law and diplomacy had to succumb to so-called realpolitik, and were (so far) not able to provide Mustafa with the justice he is entitled to, each of you took a stand and made a difference.

But this was evidently only the first step, and until Mustafa will be able to open his copy shop some further work will be necessary. Together with Ambassador Petritsch and Prof. Nowak we had already our first meeting to coordinate the next steps (purchase of the copy machines, rental contract for office…) in order to ensure that Mustafa can open his business as soon as possible. Once we are there, be assured that we’ll post some photos.

Again, many many thanks.

On behalf of the “copy shop project”,

Roland Schmidt